Utah Life

Last Friday, Kaila and I went to our first Utes gymnastics meet of the season. This is our second year with season tickets, and it is so much fun. I have never been a sports-minded person, but I have to admit – I’m a little obsessed. These girls/women are AMAZING athletes, and the show the program puts on is outstanding. The “Red Rocks” are  consistently the highest attended women’s collegiate sport in the country. At the BYU/Utah meet, there were over 15,000 people in attendance.

And on Saturday, we had our first family day on the slopes. Technically, I didn’t hit the slopes, but thanks to the Epic Schoolkids Program, the kids got a free full day of ski/boarding lessons, and now have five free days of skiing to use this season. I was really nervous about letting the twins spend an entire day outside and in a lesson, but I was able to watch them from a little lodge while having a little cafe mocha and reading time. So, pretty much the perfect day of skiing for me!


On Friday, Kaila competed in her school’s geography bee. She has loved geography since she was a toddler, and it was so fun to watch her compete. She had to qualify by acing her classroom bee, and then she ended up coming in 2nd in the completion. This is a pretty big deal considering she’s a 5th grader (and all the kids in her program are smarty pants!). It was really neat to watch her class cheer for her and  grab her in a big group hug after the competition. It’s especially fun to watch her excel in something in which I have zero ability.

Kaila and her formidable opponent
So fun to see her smiling like this!

And I end the week by reading about my noble accomplishments as a mother. Thanks, Emmie. IMG_0261

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