JA City!

This week, Kaila and her class got to visit JA City with her class for a day-long learning experience. I was able to spend the day volunteering with them, and it was an amazing experience.

The city itself is unbelievable. It’s a mini-town, complete with a functioning snack bar, sound system, and TV news studio that transmitted to all the businesses on giant TVs. The kids had studied a related curriculum for many weeks prior to the trip, and had been assigned companies and jobs. They’d learned all about checking and savings accounts, and with their fellow employees, they’d come up with a company budget and a loan proposal.

As soon as the day got started, the kids read their job manuals and got straight to work on their jobs, their spending and checking accounts, and spending their hard-earned paychecks on candy, soda, and toys.

It was really neat to watch them problem solve and really step up to their roles. I hope that I get a chance to take another class!

Pep talk before Biz Town begins!
Lovely anchorwoman and staff


The kids bought ad time on the news station
There were TVs in every business
She stayed busy serving businesses in her role as an IT specialists
First Security Ba nk
Chik-Fil-A and a medical service
Zions Bank, where my group of students got business loans, established checking and savings accounts, and deposited checks


This Maverik served real fountain drinks and snacks


Kaila and I also got another chance to hit a Utes gymnastics meet. I always feel like a little bit of a traitor singing the Utah fight song, but I don’t think Ralphie will find out. 🙂

And I had another fun day co-oping in the kindergarten classroom. The kids had Show and Tell this week, and it was pretty adorable. I am so glad they have a teacher that tries to allow them to have some free time every day. They have a very long academic day, and I think they really need (and enjoy) it.

I didn’t get any pictures, but I was also able to volunteer for the science fair, and enjoyed looking at all the experiments that cause us parents so much agony. I feel very grateful that I’m able to spend so much time involved with my kids and their lives, and that we have access to such a fantastic magnet school program.

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