Let them eat cake!


Part of my “Year of Yes” has meant saying yes to more things that just bring my family simple joy. We try to do a weekly family meeting (which pretty much means we do a monthly or bi-monthly family meeting), and in order to make it something we do more regularly, I’ve been working on assigning fun jobs to everyone. Dessert chef is one of those assigned jobs. In my second decade of mothering, I’m starting to figure out that the only real way to family happiness is sugar. Yes, I’m diabetic, but we’re going to not talk about that right now. So, this year is going to involve less organic kelp and more doughnuts. Next year will be the year of Weight Watchers.

Earlier this week, I took the kids to STEMfest, which was an expo/conference about science and engineering. It was pretty cool to see all the local companies that were there recruiting and passing out info. The kids got to try out some neat activities, too.


In other news, the reign of the foster puppies continues. We’re now on the downswing of fostering, which I have come to think of as the “Please God, Let it Almost Be Time to Take Them Back” phase. They both came down with kennel cough, so we have kept for a while to longer in order for them to finish up their medication. By this time next week, they will be putting muddy paws on someone else’s bed.

And I’d like to conclude with the fact that this cute kid: IMG_0344has no trouble with self-esteem. I love this girl. IMG_0369

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