Gung Hay Fat Choy!

We had a very busy and fun week this last week. On Saturday, the girls got to go to a “Girls and Women in Sports” day put on by the local private college. Emmie thought it was great, Kaila not so much.  IMG_0372 At least she tried to smile.

On Sunday we decided that we needed to indoctrinate the children as proper Americans and watch the Super Bowl. And as all Americans know, no Super Bowl is complete without Velveeta. The kids were shocked and thrilled that we were letting them try so many new junk foods (little did they know, it’s all part of my plan).

After the hydrogenation celebration that was The Big Game, you’d think that we’d have a nice wholesome and healthy dinner the next night. You’d be wrong…because it was Chinese New Year!! I slaved in the kitchen all day in order to cook an authentic Mandarin dish…

and we managed to find some Chinese New Year music on Spotify for a kitchen dance party. I think the pictures pretty much tell the awesomeness that is Emmie and Charlie.

After our gourmet dinner, we took the twins outside to light sparklers. (Kaila was at gym.)

And then they got to open a little red good luck envelope with a dollar inside (found here).

_DSC0076So, after all of that, you’d think that the next night would be full of vegetables and healthy foods, but you’d be wrong, because it was Fat Tuesday!! Woohoo! Our church put on a Mardi Gras party where we ate bacon and pancakes and had another dance party. So much fun!!

They did have a lovely small service in the sanctuary to start off Lent at the end of the night, but I will tell you, it is hard to get 20 kids who are all singing “Shut Up and Dance With Me” to decide that now is a good time to settle down and pray.

On Thursday, I got to co-op in Kaila’s class for a lesson on chemical change, which was fun to watch.

And Friday was the Valentine’s Day exchange at school. The twins were SO excited.

(I should add that Charlie’s adorable Lego valentines were found here and we used delicious and addictive Lego candy instead of real Legos.)

And Mike and I had a chance to watch Kaila at a rare weekday gymnastics meet. It was a hard meet with lots of great competitors, but Kaila managed to eke out a first place medal on balance beam (there was a 3-way tie for first). It was truly a gorgeous routine (and the only one we didn’t record!). It’s great to see her loving gymnastics so much still.

Now, you might think that next week would be less celebratory. But once again, you’d be wrong. We’ve got two birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and the craziest holiday of them all – President’s Day. Get ready. As Kaila says, “It’s gettin’ real now!”

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