Broccoli Obama

Last Friday, Kaila and I went to another Utes gymnastics meet, and watched them just barely beat Washington. It was a special night, because after the meet, all the athletes stayed afterward to sign autographs. Kaila has been a collector of the team posters for years now, and she pins them up right above her bed. She definitely wanted to stay for the autographs, and I wanted to stay to get a picture of her with Kailah Delaney, a senior on the team (she even pronounces it the same way that we do!). About three years ago, Kaila attended a summer camp where Kailah Delaney and Kassandra Lopez were helping to coach recreational gymnastics. They were both very sweet, and Kailah and I chatted for a few seconds about her unique name. They also helped encouraged me not to worry about letting Kaila have a go at becoming more serious about gymnastics. So, it was really fun to get Kaila’s picture with our second-favorite gymnast. 🙂

We didn’t realize that we’d be staying until about 10 pm (which is past this mom’s bedtime), but I know Kaila was really glad that we did.

On Sunday, we celebrated Valentine’s Day. Kaila and I went out to brunch with some friends, and I came home to a gorgeous bouquet of roses from my hubby.


That evening, we had our traditional heart-shaped pizza dinner, and opened some Valentines from each other.

The kids drank a Cupid Float, which is a mix of Cherry 7-up, vanilla ice cream, and a Red Vines straw.

I enjoyed a (slightly) more adult Valentine’s beverage._DSC0112

Notice that it’s 3.2. Because Utah.

On Monday, we finally got to celebrate the most anticipated holiday of the year! PRESIDENT’S DAY!!!! Ok, maybe it’s not your favorite, but it’s our favorite now. Kaila had gym in the afternoon, so the twins and I had a rousing game of “Don’t Eat the Chief”. It’s basically a set of cards with all the presidents’ faces on them (which prompted me to start a discussion about the amazingly homogenous group of white men who have served in the role, and how we are slowly but surely headed toward more a more representative leadership. But I digress.) and you put a piece of candy on each one. You send one person out of the room, pick a president you’re going to focus on, bring the other person back in, and watch them start saying the presidents names and eating candy. If they take the candy off the president you’ve chosen you scream, “Don’t eat the chief!!” So really, it’s not a game, and it’s pointless, and this kind of made Kaila upset, which is why we played when she went to gym. Anywho, the twins had a blast with it, and I think they actually might have learned some president’s names.

Then, for the grand finale, we had our President’s Day dinner. Thanks to the magic that is Pinterest I copied the amazing woman from this post and we had presidential pun food! We had, in no particular order…

James Monroll:


Ruffles-ford B. Hayes:



William Howard Taffy:

Broccoli Obama:


James Bananan:


Calvin Kool-Aid:


And my favorite, Lyndon B. Johnsonville Brats:


I really like how serious he is about delicious grilled foods.

A good time was had by all.

Yes, they are still in their pajamas at dinner. Don’t act like you aren’t jealous.

On Tuesday morning, I awoke to Emmie screaming that another tooth was ready to come out, but she was scared to pull it. So we got some before and after pictures taken about 10 seconds apart. The tooth fairy is about to get really busy traveling to our place.

On Friday, we ended the week with a birthday for Kaila. We decided to celebrate it on Saturday, but we still made some super yummy Funfetti Cake Batter Pancakes for breakfast.

And we finished up the day watching Kaila take first place on beam at another meet! The meet organizer actually put her up on the podium all by herself and had everyone sing Happy Birthday to her. She was embarrassed, but I think it made for a really special memory. We are proud of her and can’t believe that our big girl is already 11! Happy birthday, Kaila!



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