Birthday Extravaganza

So last weekend, Kaila and I had our birthday extravaganza. We had a pretty perfect day. First, we went out to breakfast at a local cafe and Kaila had her very first Eggs Benedict. Soooo delicious!

_DSC0171 Then, we went to the library. Our library is a fabulous, gorgeous, light-filled place with little shops, and coffee, and tons of nooks to read in. Our plan was to spend a little time in each store, and to spend an hour on each floor. I had to take a few pictures of Kaila as we rotated from spot to spot.

After a lunch at the library cafe, we headed home and were greeted by some gorgeous flowers from my parents.

And, I got to open my present from Mike, which I am super excited about. _DSC0166Kaila, being the sweet kid that she is, made me some gifts and wrote me the sweetest, most heartfelt card a mom could hope for.

We gathered up the troops and headed out for the mall. First stop, the place of an American rite of passage: _DSC0193

Kaila got her ears pierced! She was nervous beforehand, but she didn’t even blink an eye while it happened. (And she has been so incredibly cute about making sure she cleans her ears three times a day with her solution. She even tacked up a checklist in the bathroom so she can religiously adhere to the directions – a girl after my own heart!)

We then traveled on to the Lego store, where Kaila picked out a new kit as a gift. We put in our name for the two hour wait at the Cheesecake Factory, and we stopped into Justice to pick out a new outfit for her. We had a little bit of excitement when a toddler in the store injured the back of her head and the paramedics were called. Mike and I helped the parents with the little girl, and Emmie brought her stuffed animals from the store to hold. She ended up being okay, thank goodness.

We finally, finally, finally made it to dinner, and sang Happy Birthday to the two of us. It was an excellent birthday. I’m glad I get to share it with my girl.


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