Charlie recently started playing on a little recreational indoor soccer team. It is preschoolers and kindergarteners combined, which makes it fun and hilarious to watch, but  also gives Charlie a chance to be a bit of a big man on campus. I love this picture of him next to a little girl on his team: _DSC0221

This is his third time playing on one of these little teams, and he’s really starting to get the hang of how to play the game. He runs fast, tries to defend the goal, and manages to score a bunch of goals of his own. He also makes a sound effect each time he kicks the ball, which adds to the drama.

In other news, Kaila had her very last ever visit from the tooth fairy this week. It was a poignant moment for some of us, especially The Fairy himself. IMG_0419 This particular fairy probably drank a few too many Keystone Lights before work, because the tooth was sitting there next to the letter and a box of Samoas in the morning.

And since it was a pretty slow week here, I’ll sign off with a couple of pictures of Emmie delivering Girl Scout cookies, having a play date, and just before she wakes up in the morning. She looks so peaceful when she sleeps, but it’s all a ruse…


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