hamlet and st.patty’s and easter, oh my

It’s been a busy few weeks around here. Kaila’s class performed Hamlet for their Shakespeare play this year. (Every year, the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders perform a Shakespeare play.) It was really fun to watch. Kaila was Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, and she was very regal.

St. Patrick’s Day was also a good time. The kids had a special sweet breakfast, and I put green food coloring in their bowls ahead of time so the milk turned green when they added it.

They also enjoyed a special St. Patrick’s Day lunchbox. _DSC0225And I did my darndest to create a shamrock hairdo for Emmie. I think we were mildly successful!

The kiddos also enjoyed a beverage of choice at dinnertime. _DSC0234

At the end of the week, Emmie and Charlie had a pajama read-a-thon at school, and I couldn’t resist the matching jammies.

And I may or may not have bought them pillow pets just for the occasion. Listen, these are my last babies, I’m gonna spoil them if I want to!!

The next week was Spring Break, which we really used to relax. We went to the movies, out to lunch (for Kobe beef hotdogs!),IMG_0454

stayed in jammies and played Legos for hours,IMG_0457went to a new park,IMG_0466and watched Kaila at another meet.IMG_0470(that first place girl better watch out!!) 🙂

Over the weekend, we got ready for Easter with egg dying.

And then the bunny delivered his goods!! (Color coded of course, don’t you know the bunny loves organization as much as I do??) IMG_0475

In the morning, the egg hunt was on before my eyes were fully opened.

And then the baskets were discovered. And 5.2 million pounds of high fructose corn syrup were consumed. _DSC0271_DSC0273_DSC0281_DSC0279_DSC0278_DSC0277_DSC0276_DSC0275_DSC0283_DSC0286

And then it was the mad rush to look presentable and be at church by 9. We made it by 9:05 because some mom decided we needed pictures. DSC_0293

At church, the kids presented a banner they made on Fat Tuesday. DSC_0294DSC_0295DSC_0298DSC_0297

And then they hunted for eggs. And candy. Again. You really can’t beat being a kid on Easter.


Looking back at the past few weeks, I think these kiddos are pretty lucky. And I’m thinking the parents around here are pretty lucky, too.

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